What Soft Skills do Employers Want From Job Seekers?

Soft skills are critical to demonstrate throughout the hiring process, and become evident as all skills are discussed. In fact, there are surveys like the one below that suggest candidates lack showcasing them in the workplace. The other suggestion is that job seekers that demonstrate them will stand out in addition to having the hard skills needed for any position.
Recently, the December 2012 issue of Business Communication Quarterly published a paper citing top 10 soft skills Executives need in the workplace:
1) Communication
2) Courtesy
3) Flexibility
4) Integrity
5) Interpersonal skills
6) Positive attitude
8) Responsibility
9)Team work
10) Work ethic
These skills were also rated among the same group from most to least important by the same group of CEOs, again, these are soft skills that they value the most:
Integrity 93.0
Communication 91.2
Courtesy  84.2
Responsibility   71.9
Interpersonal skills  61.4
Professionalism  47.4
Positive attitude   45.6
Teamwork skills   43.9
Flexibility   42.1
Work ethic  36.8
Simply, soft skills are a combination of people skills, career attributes, and customer service. Every profession rely on these skills to sell and service customer/client issues.
*Business Communication Quarterly December 2012 75: 453-465, first published on October 8, 2012
Embody these skills
Job seekers cannot say a certain soft skill is here or there. It is part of who you are professionally. It is not like clothing that you can put it on, nor are attributes that you can point out. It is there when a job seeker explains  and demonstrates hard skills needed for a position.  Soft skills are valuable transferable attributes that noticeable when it has becomes the job candidate.
Which of the above soft skills are your strength (s)? Which one do you need to work on?  Let us know in the comments.
 What Soft Skills do Employers Want From Job Seekers?

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