What is not so Human about Human Resources?


Sassy HR Girl

Sassy HR Girl

Why in the world would you expect Human Resources to be “Human”? Are we not the super heroes of each company? We are in place to serve the best interest of everyone remotely involved with our company which includes a very lengthy list. Let us start with senior management, middle management that believes they are senior management, actual middle management, senior staff level employees, entry-level staff that believe they are senior level, actual entry level staff, interns, recruiters, vendors, clients and let us forever remember each and every one of our job seekers, our candidates for employment.

If you have not gathered by now, I am a bit Sassy. This comes straight from the hip of Sassy HR Girl. I do my best be a straight shooter while blogging. Why else do it, right? We each get our share of smoke blown ice cream castles with no lines, no waiting. So, let’s not have that mirage during blog time.

Now, back to the issue of Human Resources or shall we call it Human-less Resources? We are a special breed. We willingly took the bait to serve our fellow co-workers and whoever else that may be in need of our services…everyone. Most HR professionals really do love people and love the role of HR. Now we may not like every individual that we serve all the time. That’s right! I said it. We do not like everyone all the time. The HR smile is sometimes hiding the secret desire to flip someone off or masking the fact that we may have placed someone’s issue at the bottom of our “to do” list because they are somewhat of a “workplace turd”. Every company has one and sometimes several. You know who they are because their face is now plastered in your mind and you are possibly smiling, laughing or grunting right now at the thought of this “workplace turd”.

There are many mountains to move in HR which most of whom we serve, want the mountains moved precisely and quickly. Everyone’s issue is the most important issue to them and hence should be to HR. Super HR hero flying to the rescue of all that need us but wait Super HR hero forgot their cape today and there’s a run in their tights. Ughhhh! My effort to paint a quick picture of how Human Resources may not be so “Human” or actually quite the opposite, we are simply human.


We have great days. We have not-so-great days. I won’t say bad days because I was taught that I don’t have time for a bad day. I may have time for a bad moment or a minute but never a whole day.


So now you get the picture of the HR crazies. How can this help you in your job search? Let’s start with a focus on Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements. 1) Be impeccable with your word; 2) Don’t take anything personally ; 3) Don’t make assumptions; and 4) Always do your best. Listed below are four of Mr. Ruiz agreement cards that I would like you to ponder. While pondering, remember the HR crazies and all that is expected of your potential new HR team.


1. Be Impeccable with Your WordLet go of self-judgment and blame. Being impeccable, you take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself for anything. Your need or desire for a job is simply that…a need or desire. Be mindful of the words you speak to others and yourself regarding your search for employment. Your words matter.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally—Ignore the opinions of others. Whatever people do, feel, think or say, don’t take it personally. Others are going to have their own opinion according to their belief system, so whatever they think about you is not about you, but is about them. If it were up to HR professionals, we would ensure that everyone is employed. I have never met an HR professional that likes to tell job seekers “No.” This is why we sometimes drag our feet with a delivery of these type of calls. Is it right to drag our feet? No, but it is human. No simply means no. It truly is not personal. It is business. It’s a very competitive job seeker market and employers really do have an upper hand sometimes. Let your attitude of self-worth shine ever more.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions—Ask for what you want. Find the courage to ask for what you want. Others have the right to tell you yes or no, but you always have the right to ask. Likewise, everybody has the right to ask you for what they want, and you have the right to say yes or no. Kill all assumptions. There are so many things happening with companies that sometimes require a constant shift of processing or of people. It is always okay to ask questions. How else will you truly know? You may like the answer or you may not. Take on the spirit of the Courageous Lion from the Wizard of Oz and simply ask instead or tormenting yourself with assumptions that you later believe as truth.

4. Always Do Your Best—Your best is changing all the time. Your best will depend on whether you are refreshed in the morning or tired at night. Your best will be different when you are happy as opposed to upset, or healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstances, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret. Your best is always good enough. Each interview is different. No two are the exact same. Maybe similar but never the same. You may shine one day. You may glisten the next day. We are never the same. Each day brings a different element and hence a different you.


Sassy HR Girl

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Bianca Michelle Thompson, Chicago native, has worked in the corporate arena within the Chicago Loop for over twenty-five years. The last thirteen years have been within the Human Resources profession. Her experiences within the Human Resources field and her personal life inspired her passion for training and coaching. Bianca has done extensive self-development, team-building and coaching coursework within the corporate and non-profit arenas and with Phoenix Arises Seminars.

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