Combine Old and New School Job Search Ways for Success



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With the economy down and rising level of competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to land a good job. While the traditional way is to look for job postings in newspapers or to apply to companies directly, many people are now adopting alternative and more creative ways to land a job. Instead of trying to land a job against massive competition with the same limited techniques, it is good to step out of the system and try innovative ways of a job search.

Make connections:

In today’s tech-driven world, connections can be made both real-time as well as online. Many people use Facebook and Twitter as job search tools. Using Facebook’s ad system is a great way to showcase yourself, and target age groups and areas. Since many employers post job openings on Twitter, use Twitter’s hashtag functionality to find conversations that interest you. Don’t be afraid to post that you are conducting a job search!

Apart from directly looking for job postings online, it is ideal to make connections with people who work in areas that interest you. Remember that the chances of landing a job through a person who knows you personally are much higher. Besides, even if you cannot directly access job openings, you can learn a great deal from people who have your dream job. They have a lot to offer and making connections with them somehow always trickles down to something fruitful.

Do job shadowing:

Many people are confused about what kind of job they want to land. Job shadowing is ideal for people who are trying to figure out what interests them the most. Even if you do know what interests you, it is a good way to make connections as well as get more information about how a company works. Job shadowing involves working in a company and literally ‘following’ another employee for about three to seven days. The best part about job shadowing is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time on your part unlike an internship! If you are getting your jobseekers allowance, you can use that extra time and money to creatively search for a job.

Try Google Adwords:

Using Google Adwords to display an ad about yourself or redirecting targeted companies to your resume is a great way to get noticed. A lot of times it is difficult to penetrate a big company especially if you don’t have connections. If you step out of the usual system of sending your resume along with other applicants and use Google Adwords instead, you actually end up getting more noticed. Use the power of the internet to your advantage!

Showcase yourself:

Try to do as many side projects as you can. Don’t be afraid to advertise and sell yourself. Always keep in mind that you are searching for a job while talking to new people, but never be pushy! If you feel that you have something to offer to someone through your skillsets, shout it out! If you don’t showcase your talent, people will never know.

Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves to write articles on Technology, Finance, Health, Travel and Finance. As if now, she is conducting research on and gathering information about it.

About Sophie Samuel

Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK. She loves to write articles on Technology, Finance, Health, Travel and Finance. As if now she is doing research on and gathering information about it.

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