What Young Job Seekers Can Learn From Mature Adults

There are job lessons job seekers have learned from being “caught” and not “taught.” Job search strategy comes from experience or from those who are experienced. To watch and learn is one thing, but “think and listen” is harder. It’s tough. But when it gets tougher you listen to anyone.

My dad is 91. He is clueless about the job search of 2012. But he knows the nature of people, and understands that never changes. I need that perspective, and you do too:

1. Patience and steadfastness

Mature people come from generations that taught  “good things come to those who wait.” This remains true in today’s job market. Hiring processes are longer than ever, so any job seeker must be prepared to wait patiently without quitting.

2. Understand the big story

The kid that always asks “why” in class is usually the smartest kid in the class. He or she wants to understand the big picture. It just seems annoying to the people who don’t care to know. That is why mature people ask young people a lot of annoying questions. That’s why toddlers ask grown ups many questions.

3. Mature people are witnesses

Although the job market has changed, and the workplace has evolved, the nature of people remain the same. Mature people have seen the world change, and understand how we got to this stage in our culture, environment, and economy.

4. Mature people value time and timeliness

Being on time means as much now than it did 30 years ago. But mature people also understand that everything good comes in time. Timeliness is making sure that you have facts and presenting it when it’s asked for or needed. They won’t waste your time, nor like their time wasted.

5. Respect is offered to everyone as earned by anyone

Job seekers who treat everyone with respect despite mistreatment will stand out. Most mature adults will tell you that is the biggest difference between young adults of yesterday and today’s young job seekers in general. Respect is still the attribute that everyone desires. Why not be the first to give it.

We didn’t talk about how mature adults are better judges of character. Their advice can only help your job search. Give them a listen.

What advice has helped you from those older than you? Let me know in the comments.

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