Teach Children Resilience During Jobless Holidays

Teach Children Resilience During Jobless Holidays

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High unemployment is likely for years to come. Teaching children that mastering only one skill will keep him or her employed underestimates this economy.  A parent that evaluates a child’s talents, and helps them to perfect them will need to teach them how to translate those skills, just as a teacher shows that addition and subtraction transfers to algebra.

There is no such thing as a finished product. Children must endure life, and they won’t, unless you teach them.

Studies show that teens that grow up in one or two parent households start to adopt the beliefs and practices of the mother and/or father.

…adolescents who perceived their families as very cohesive or high
on emotional closeness, reported being more influenced by Family and Equality
sources of moral authority in their moral decision making than adolescents who
perceived their family as low on family cohesion or disengaged.

White, F. A., & Matawie, K. M. (2004). Parental Morality and Family Processes as Predictors of Adolescent Morality. Journal Of Child & Family Studies, 13(2), 219-233.


There are some practical lessons your children can learn from (don’t just assume that they will get it):

  1. Spend the time now. Since you’ve been work, are you spending an EXTRA one hour with your children? Are you paying it forward (or making up for lost time)? Children must learn that solutions are not one dimensional, or simple…from their parents!
  2. Rebound gracefully. When I was unemployed (by my choosing), I told my young children when I had interviews, and was honest about whether it well or not. It was never the end of the world. This is the one lesson I value the most as a parent because my boys get that part. Keep moving forward. Don’t stick your hand in the plow, and look back.
  3. Speak to others with tact and respect when it’s difficult. People and situations will let you down. Children will emulate you, and you’re behavior. Teach them the right way while you have time.
  4. Give more to others. When children hear Mom and Dad set up meetings of all sorts, ask many people for help, and hear talk of interviews and jobs makes a lasting impression. Conversely, when children see Mom and Dad give their time generously to people who need help, volunteer, and/or offer encouragement to others, makes an impression that lasts forever.
  5. Loads of patience. Parents that demonstrate transparency in sharing failures and success can teach children how to move forward when things are slow. If the parent has not embraced this principle, neither will the child.

Your children should learn to rise above challenges. Model it for them, and teach it to them.

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