Book Review: A Student’s Guide to Surviving Facebook After College

Most job seekers that I have worked with do not consider reading books as part of his or her strategy to succeed to obtain a job. In fact, it is my opinion that most people are satisfied with muddling through rather than to strategically and methodically market themselves.

This is a book you should grab:

A Student’s Guide to Surviving Facebook After College by Joshua Waldman

You can skip this review if you do not own a Facebook page. But I encourage you to read it anyway because it applies to anyone with a social profile. Then again, if you do not have a Facebook page, upon finishing this book, you will  obtain one.

The Joshua Waldman book offers tips on filling out a Facebook profile and encourages readers to participate in groups and pages that offer job tips, guidance, and networks.  He makes a compelling case for using Facebook apps and making us aware of some I didn’t know that existed. Most people have heard of Branchout, but have you heard of “Hire My Friend” or “Career Friend?” No? Neither did I.

After reading this book you will reconsider your Facebook profile as a professional profile and hub and not a social playground. Many recent graduates and young professionals continue to lack judgment in posting messages and pictures (Waldman suggests Reppler, a Facebook app that acts as a “robot mommy for your social networks but I digress).

It is critical that the job search mission is easily derailed by careless postings whether by updates, postings, and pictures. I think even the pages that you “like” can have a negative impact on your profile. Waldman covers all things privacy and appropriateness expressing the importance of protecting image and perception from potential employers.

I encourage my readers to spend the $7.99 through Amazon, and subscribe to for the content Waldman (@joshusawaldman) provide readers.

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