Job Tips Gleaned From the Olympics

After thinking about writing this post, there are all types of job tips to learn from this Olympics that I decided to just list a few and focus on one. Asides from admiring the fit bodies, and the next big personality, there are job tips to offer.
  1. Train for every event if you plan to compete for it. If there are four components to a job to have the functional skill and experience to address the employer’s need. Whether IT related or customer service related, the potential employer likes seeing the improvement paying off immediately. Employers also want evidence that you have an invested interest in your own career, looking to improve in every area possible.
  2.  Criticize yourself, and only yourself. You never know when someone will realize negativity until it is your turn to receive. In other words, even if the person is perceived as non-threatening, it is better to err on the positive side.
  3. The job search is not the fittest of the fastest, nor is it first come first serve. Therefore, timing is everything except when you press “submit” too fast without considering what a job posting is asking. Job seekers want to second guess the posting thinking it is all positions will say the same thing, but they don’t. There is a difference between, “DO CALL…” AND “DO NOT CALL…”

About that one error…

No matter how many years of training and experience anyone has, you can blow an opportunity faster stepping out-of-bounds. That is why you may hear more about learning from your mistakes to thrive at the next opportunity.

I must make mistakes…to make the last shot~James Citrin

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