The State of the Internship and College Career Fairs

A new report by InternMatch found 59.3% of students complete two or more internships. With so many students competing for the same internship opportunities, “The State of the Internship” reveals what intern candidates should expect from employers, including:

  • Large companies poaching talent early. 37.7% of companies with 251+ employees start recruiting their interns more than a year in advance. Meanwhile, just 7.6% of companies with less than 250 employees do so.
  • Unpaid or low-paying internships. 36.9% of companies said they offer unpaid internships or internships that pay less than minimum wage.
  • Employers accepting personal social media use. A whopping 74.5% of employers allow students to use their own personal social media in the office.
  • Low internship program diversity. Only 10% of companies see their intern program as being highly diverse.
  • Underutilization of international interns. 56% of companies don’t hire any international interns.
  • Limited flexible work arrangements. 62% of companies do not allow interns to ever work from home or a coffee shop.


Nathan Parcells is co-founder and CMO of InternMatch, a leading site for helping companies hire amazing interns and students find amazing internships. InternMatch was started as a social venture with the goal of helping students of all backgrounds be able to find great internships regardless of connections. InternMatch’s Diversity and Internship Hangout is the first ever event to have top speakers from different industries share insights about their diversity initiatives. InternMatch now has over 5 million annual student visitors, and Nathan’s writings have been featured in Forbes, VentureBeat, the WSJ, Washington Post and more.

Here’s an outline of our conversation:

  • Nathan mentioned what led their company to look at the trends of how students are responding to being reached out
  • He talked about the apathy of colleges have towards career fairs ( only 3.8 of students  found them helpful)
  • Nathan stated that employers are not investing in career fairs
  • I asked, “Has it come time for university and colleges to change how potential opportunities are delivered?”
  • We discussed why 37.7 of companies with 251 or more employees started recruited a year in advance, Is it a good or bad thing?
  • Exceptional talent is prioritized and Nathan defines what is considered exceptional and how it separates them from the average college graduate

My first question for Nathan was for him to share with us his company’s motivation for conducting the study.

Please, enjoy our conversation!

 The State of the Internship and College Career Fairs

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