There are several ways that anyone can hire me for services, public speaking engagements, guest blog posts, etc. I am also open to business partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Giving Your Brand the Voice

Coaching and Writing:

Most clients underestimate the value offered to people they network with and work for, so therefore they are disappointed with the entire experience. I help give you confidence and courage to present your brand with a strong voice. As an educator and a former personal trainer practitioner, assessments are critical for understanding what you can communicate and strengthen the message your brand offers. Each client receives an assessment before finally deciding what is best to start him or her continued career journey.

I offer the following service packages for job seekers who need help and guidance in his or her career. There are special group rates you can contact me at mark@thevoiceofjobseekers.com or call 708-365-9822:

Resume Writing

  1. Learn how to brag about yourself the right way
  2. How to present your accomplishments in an impressive way
  3. What is adding value and how to do that in a resume
  4. Learn how to customize your own resume with proper keywords
  5. Applicant Tracking Systems, what? How to deal with them? Or avoid them!
  6. How to incorporate powerful phrases to catch a reader’s eye

Job Interview Coaching

  1. Practice and receive direction to impress employers
  2. How to tactfully and respectfully answer the tough interview questions
  3. Learn the questions you can ask and answer impressively
  4. What to say and not to say during interviews
  5. Find out the best ways find and research the interviewer
  6. Basic interview etiquette and follow-up
  7. Learn how to sell yourself
  8. How to interview virtually

Job Search Strategies:

  1. Learn how to use Google Alerts effectively to find job leads
  2. How to use Twitter for job leads and networking
  3. Volunteer and Internships work. Learn why and how.
  4. How to research and target employers thoroughly without being a slave to job boards
  5. Leverage the resources already in your hands

Linked In Profile: usage, strategy, and writing

  1. How to select keywords for recruiters to find you
  2. Learn how to write an employer and recruiter-attracting profile
  3. How to fill out your profile to 100% completion
  4. How to use the job search feature and other strategies to find job leads
  5. How to network with other users–What to do/not to do

All services start at $350 and up. Group packages are very economical. Please contact me at 708-365-9822 for pricing.



About Mark Anthony Dyson

I am the "The Voice of Job Seekers," career consultant, job seeker advocate, career writer, and founder of this award-winning blog. I help the employed, unemployed, underemployed, and under-appreciated find jobs using job search strategies to navigate the new job market. I aim to give a safe place online to those with different needs, cultures, and ethnicities to find their voice in the job market. Thousands have read my career advice throughout the web as I write about everything from job search strategies to the mobile job search. I have published more than 400 articles on this blog and some of the largest career sites such as Recruiter.com, YouTern, and Come Recommended. I've been quoted in major publications such as on Monster, AOL Jobs, Fortune, Business Insider and Levo League. Both FlexJobs and JobMonkey listed my podcast as one of the top eight podcasts to help your job search. Love for you to sign up for the weekly newsletter. I share the latest articles I've written, new podcast episodes, and answer any questions you may have. The new job search is scary and if you need help, I am here for it!