Grads, Memorial Day, and the Job Search

As a proud poppa of a high school graduate, I tweeted the above before the ceremonies on Thursday. I am even more  proud of him because of his abilities to live out conviction. He will be reading an essay for Memorial Day at a cemetery in Chicago. In his essay, he will express his disappoint of our family traditionally spending Memorial Day barbecuing.

Usually we barbeque with disregard for people who fought for freedom. This will be the first time our family will observe Memorial Day for the right reasons. Shamefully, it took a scholarship opportunity to get it right.

In one sense, it is embarrassing despite the norm for people to take the day off, and yet, liberating because we are observing today the right way.

Graduating seniors, approach scholarship hunting like job searching. Do it with zeal, fervor, and for the right reasons.

Do it like the men and women who serve our country and those who fell to protect American freedom. Be your own man or woman now that you don’t need permission to have conviction about your future.

  Grads, Memorial Day, and the Job Search

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  • Sandra_tedford

    I’ve had a similar change in how I view Memorial Day.  Most MD holidays were spent visiting family or barbacueing.  This year, my family will celebrate the graduations of five young men who will graduate from high school and college.  I’m grateful to our troops for their heroism. I realized we are very fortunate to live in a country where children can pursue their dreams and education because men and women have gone into battle to fight for our freedom and safety.  Even if we disagree with the reasons behind war, we should honor our fallen soldiers for their sacrifice. 

    • Mark Anthony Dyson

       Thanks for your comment. I don’t think I’ll be looking at Memorial Day the same way, nor spending it solely in leisure. We need to give more to our veterans than acknowledging their existence and employment status.