Career Services, a More Dynamic Approach (AUDIO) with David Nicola

David Nicola (@capt_careerist) is the Director of Career Services at Laurus College. He advocates for students to use social media in his or her job search. His professional passion is in Human Services with a “Whatever it takes!” attitude. His infectious enthusiasm to help job seekers is demonstrated through his tweets and other other social media updates.

We first connected on Linked In, Twitter, then Google Plus. He often shares in his updates and forums about his student activities and workshops using social media. He also shares about some of his progressive ideas to increase student engagement on campus and desires to do more. I asked him to spend a few minutes with us to share his dynamic approach and strategy to prepare students for a successful job search.

Want to know more about David Nicola, you can email him at or his Twitter handle.

Here is the outline of our discussion:

We discussed his  journey to his current position including his career in Human Services

David talks to us about his discovery of the usefulness of social media while conducting his own job search

He shares about his challenges in his first year as Director of Career Services at Laurus College and the unprecedented growth the college is experiencing

David also talks about the strategies used to engage the student population through workshops and classes that direct assists students in his or her job search

Please, enjoy our conversation.


 Career Services, a More Dynamic Approach (AUDIO) with David Nicola

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