Book Review: How to Find a Job Now by Jim Stroud

After listening to Jim Stroud’s podcasts, and watching his videos, I knew that if I read this book that it wouldn’t be a traditional discourse of job hunting with links and references to boot. His style of writing and presenting would satisfy traditional book readers but engulf others who adapted a learning style that requires a visual approach to learning. How to Find a Job Now (And Never Have to Look Again!) infuses conversation, commentary in one thoughtful and demonstrative training guide.
He states at the front of the book that,

“My approach in writing this book is to write as little as possible. (Crazy right?)”

“How to Find a Job Now” is.the first job search book that I’ve read in the last 16 months (I’ve read many them) that I wanted to have a conversation after reading it. That’s a good thing too because Stroud breaks it down by showing you more than telling you. And for readers and non-readers, you are not laboring to learn as you would in academia. The educator in me would say for job seekers to read a portion, implement it, continue.

Here a few reason’s I recommend Stroud’s book:

1. You hear the recruiter’s point of view

Stroud explains how recruiters use Google to “source” (look for resumes) to find qualified candidates. To tone of “How to Find a Job Now” is not just preparing your résumé but also your online portfolio.

2. Resources that you have never seen

Stroud provides some resources that you are unlikely to hear if you are not pursuing a consulting or freelance career. He makes a great point about using freelancing to get paid for giving advice (as part of the keeping a job part of the book).

3. How to use Facebook to search for jobs

The discussion about privacy settings continues as a job seeker needs to ensure that the best attributes are accessible online, and perceived as negative. Stroud suggests terms to search using Facebook to find potential opportunities.

4. About freelancing

Here is a convincing long-term answer for staying employed: Position yourself to refuse work! Beautifully said as most of us would love to have more choices to make a living. One of the best sections in the book.

The book is free through  and It is a good reference and guide for those either beginning or continuing a job search.

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