Does Marriage Add Value to Your Career


Marriage makes us better. Two is better than one. Spouses (at least wives) add value to character, life, and value to your career. My wife makes the difference in my work world. She can’t tell me how to do it, but she is aware of my strengths. Somehow, it translates to my abilities. Amazing.

We acknowledge this as a solid business practice.

The forward pass is nothing. It takes two.

The song, “It Takes Two” by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston would mean nothing if it were only Marvin or Kim.


When it comes to the value of your career, does your spouse or partner complete you at work?  Does he or she inspire you? Do you work hard or him or her?

If you do, how romantic?

If you don’t, I think that’s OK.

Your Spouse, the Value Creator

Unemployment exploits the best and  worse of our character, marriage, and jobs. On this blog, we like to think the best, and add value to your career. I have talked about being transparent before, but the invaluable attribute that transparency bring is that your spouse sees the true you.  More often than not, those words are truthful, painful, and sometimes delightful.

Couples that sustain long and happy unions find  healing from  wisdom lost beneath the screeching or booming delivery. Does our quiet spouse have wisdom behind their banter, or did we marry them to neglect?

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It Takes More Than Finishing Sentences to add Value to Your Career

I giggle each time a couple talk about their compatibility. My wife used to say when we were single that she was perfect for me because she fits right under my arm pit. The common phrase is, “he/she finishes my sentences.” Although silly and cute for that moment, not that it lacks meaning, but I’ve had  coworkers that finished my sentences. Maybe I am that obtuse, or spouses know one another. Your sweet-baby-sugar, your boo, can see things that resume writers and career coaches don’t see.

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Let’s Face It, You’ve Heard It For Years

Your spouse tells you what other people told you. You’re selfish, greedy, angry, insensitive, chauvinistic, self-absorbed, and inconsiderate.  All of what employers can’t stand either. My premise that marriage does add value to a career is…well…old-fashion. Did past supervisors in the past tell you that you work too independently? That you take criticism too personally? Shortcomings appear and re-appear in different ways.

Your spouse was trying to help, even in his or her twisted and the self-absorbed way.

For better or worse, richer or poor, your spouse increases your value a whole bunch once you see through lifted toilet seats, and smudged make-up. No telling, they might help you impress somebody influential.

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