7 Monster Ways to Assemble Career Value

Successful job seekers create and communicate reasons to hire them.  Do you know what value you bring to the table?

Value cannot be monetized, but is compromised if you misunderstand your worth. It is not only what you say in an interview or a networking event, but also what you can show and what you do.

If you don’t, these suggestions can get you started.

1. Assess and Test Your Weaknesses an Strengths

When a tested and tried job seeker abilities exploit character and strengths. Invite tests of what you know, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Assess measurable and seeable results and keep them in front of you so you can demonstrate competency.

2.Create and Formulate Your Voice

Show that you possess creativity and originality that addresses your target employer. If your message is irrelevant, no one will care how about the uniqueness of your ideas.  You have stories to tell that displays your abilities, good! Practice them in front of people who can help you share them from your heart.

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3. Embrace the Face to Face

The more time job seekers spend initiating live conversations, the more opportunities created. Face time is always a productive way to build useful networks.

4. Imitate and Operate the Good

Whatever you see that successful job seekers are doing, DO IT!. No one corners the market on any strategy or method. Don’t plagiarize! But do add your personal touch to anything you see that works! Embody new techniques, lessons, experiences, and make them your own.

5. Institute and Contribute Often

Sharing and giving brings good things to the contributor. Offering other beginning job seekers help brings appreciation and more possibilities. Who doesn’t need help in starting a job  hunt these days.

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6. Be Aware and Prepare for the Conversation Behind Your Back

No matter what your goals and objectives are, what you do right links to your personal brand. Every job search related meeting, phone call, and interview leaves an imprint. How positive and impressive it remains is up to you.


Don’t be afraid of graphs, charts, blogs, and video to display your talents, and showcase your abilities. Although these strategies are not for everyone, it is an option if you own these skills. If you achieved big results, be creative in displaying them.

Do any of these resonate with you?  How will you apply these ideas? Did I forget something? Let know in the comment section.

About Mark Anthony Dyson

I am a Career Consultant, Host & Producer of "The Voice of Job Seekers podcast, and Founder of the blog by the same name. I help and inspire unemployed, underemployed, and under-appreciated job seekers by finding and creating a voice to be heard by heard employers. I see too many voice-less resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other attempts people attempt to market themselves. In addition to the awards, my advice has appeared in major career sites such as AOL Jobs, You Tern, CAREEREALISM, Come Recommended, and Brazen Careerist. Your Voice. Your Brand. Your next opportunity is waiting to hear from you.

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