3 More Career Tips, Tricks, and Help for Your Job Search

A couple of weeks ago I offered some posts and job tips intended to help your carer search. This week, I thought I would add three more tips. I decided to pick up a book published last year and offer a couple of other suggestions.
1) Go to Amazon right now, and pick up Alison Doyle’s Job Search Guidebook. I read this book sometime ago at a local library while waiting for my car to be fixed and thought this is so useful that I should recommend it. Embarrassingly, its been almost a year since that time. Every job seeker with an electronic toy should have it for the e-book price of $2.99 (Kindle version).
This is a guidebook that may not answer many your personal questions, but will point you in the right direction. I recommend that if you are new to the 21st century career search, that you pay attention to the first chapter. Doyle (@AllisonDoyle) suggests several career and skill assessments that can help you define the career that is right for you. Trust me, half the battle to conducting a successful job search is know what your career goals and what do you want out of your career.
Now when I say the basic of job searching, I do mean the ABC’s of finding employment. So don’t be shocked that Doyle spent time discussing:
  • Sending a customized cover letter instead of a template
  • To follow the directions on applications, and fill out completely
  • Follow-up after sending the application
  • Focusing your career search by targeting employers
  • Suggesting that you create online profiles so that you can be found
  • Searching for jobs using Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com sites

Although Doyle delves into a lot more, he or she who is wondering how to start a job search should start here (By the way Allison, please consider another addition with a workbook!).

With its plethora of resources, the user may benefit from taking small bits from the book at one time to implement in his or her career search to get the most out of it.

2) This is an inspiring and succinct post by Seth Godin, The wishing/doing gap. After this post you will want to follow through with your action list.

If you can influence the outcome, do the work.

If you can’t influence the outcome, ignore the possibility. It’s merely a distraction.

3) If you haven’t filled out a Google Plus profile, then you should. It is easier to be found by recruiters and employers by having a profile. To optimize the effectiveness of the profile, include the following on your “About” page:

  • Fill it out 100%
  • Circles you can possibly fit in
  • Specialities or skills you should highlight
  • Other social profiles, web pages, blogs you created or contributed


By no means should you limit the possibilities, just try to maintain a clean and professional Google plus page.

Do you want to add others? Put it in the comment section, and I’ll highlight it and give you credit.


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