15 Signs That You Need a Job Interview This Week

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There is truth and … uh… conjecture in these reasons that you need to make some things happen fast. It’s hard, I know, and you can control what you can but, have you tried everything suggested by experts, coaches, friends, parents and others? Hopefully you laugh at these and not taking it personally. Remember, sending out résumés is not enough. Get the interview!

  1. Wife/Husband, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Pastor has schemed to throw a dinner party in your honor. Hint: It’s really an intervention!
  2. You begin lusting and coveting the quarters your husband gives your children
  3. Your husband accidentally calls a past affair an informational interview
  4. Pondering a legal change of birth name to keywords– “Change Management”
  5. You, a pot, a spoon and a dirge, “I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on a drum every day!”
  6. Like a dog that whimper and scratches a door to get inside, you whine when you pick up your old job badge (Let it go, it’s been 5 years!)
  7. You just detested my use of “that” instead of “who” referring to the dog on #6
  8. Asking the “Sundrop” girl (Drop It Like It’s Hot) how she got the gig is desperate, don’t you think?
  9. Your sign says, “Will work for food! But I have questions to ask you first!”
  10. People are asking when you are not off!
  11. You no longer answer the phone in fear of people asking, “Have you found a job yet?”
  12. You no longer answer the phone in fear of people giving you job leads only offering minimum wage
  13. Mom and Dad are bringing you promising contact information and add at the end, “…hopefully he/she is still alive.”
  14. You dream that your job interview with Woody Allen turns into an interrogation via starvation, “…mmmm some chicken…mmm some phalanges…mmm some calamari…”
  15. You call your best friend and find out he has customized a ring tone for you, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” It used to be, “I Go To Work!”

I gave you 15 signs, but I bet you have some yourself.

Add to it in the comment section and I will add your name and blog (if you have one) in a sequel post. This could be fun!


 15 Signs That You Need a Job Interview This Week

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