How Will Volunteer Work Enhance Your Career

I think there are enough stories of the web where someone starts out volunteering, and because of the experience it provided a bridge for a new career. Or it enhanced their current career by adding value or inspired them to change from a corporation to a non-profit organization. Antonio Boyd has seen everything in his 20 years in leadership positions with HOPE Worldwide.

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Antonio Boyd

Antonio is the CEO and President of The Think Tank Consulting Group, LLC. It is an international management, development, and public affairs company, specializing in the non-profit, government, and entertainment sectors. Antonio spent most of his career with HOPE worldwide Ltd. His last role as Vice President of Community Outreach, he supervised and trained 10 Headquarters staff, and 125 Volunteer Directors.  He was also responsible for the development and deployment of the AmeriCorps and other organizations. Direct and plan implementation and development of the programs for the 240 communities across the United States Canada, and the Caribbean utilizing of 33,031 faith-based volunteers from 157 churches.

    • His wife encouraged his involvement in volunteer work
    • People find that volunteer work energizes them and their career
    • Antonio shared two dynamics in his experience
    • Millenials desire to do something meaningful—to go change the world
    • 200 college students every summer volunteer to direct volunteer events on campus
    • Executives often found after volunteering non-profit leadership is more meaningful
    • Boards are great for the transferable skill, small non-profit boards are likely easier to join
    • Volunteer work always have needs to fill, most boards need 12
    • Corporation usually give time to employees to volunteer
    • You become a “brand ambassador” when volunteering because you represent the company brand
    • Creates humanity, enhances your understanding of people, adds value
    • Volunteer work speaks to your character in your high school junior and senior year, adds to your college application
    • College volunteer work can substantiate and add balance when seeking internships

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