Giving Women The Courage to Negotiate Salary


I am happy to continue this dialogue on the gender pay gap to empower women to be informed and inspired to seek better salary and compensation. Whether you are a woman mustering the courage to ask for a raise or looking to negotiation for better pay this episode. I encourage both men and women to listen to this episode to universally make the most out of your career trajectory.

Have you ever asked an employer for more money?

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Aubrey Bach (@aubreybach) is the Senior Manager, Editorial and Marketing at PayScale and we are going to dive deep into Payscale’s 2016 Salary Negotiation Report. Although we discussed a few points with Lydia Frank two three episodes ago, we will attempt to parse parts of the report to provide help women particularly make gains in their salary negotiation strategy.

Empowering Women The Courage to Negotiate

    Here are some highlights from our discussion:
  • 43 percent of PayScale users say they have ever asked for a raise or promotion during their career
  • Payscale surveyed 31,000 to benchmark their pay to help you ask for a raise
  • Aubrey cited the site She Negotiates stating that men are four times as likely to negotiate than women
  • Men and women are split on researching to negotiate. Women are likely not to
  • Millenial women express being uncomfortable in talking about money
  • Aubrey refers to an article she wrote about a Kate Winslet stating being uncomfortable about discussing salary
  • We talked about the negative stigma given to women when they negotiate. Or managers feeling OK when men negotiate and feel different when asks for more money
  • Aubrey mentioned the Seattle company Textio CEO Kieran Synder, who put statistical data around “aggressive” on a woman’s performance review would lead to more negative readings compared to men
  • Perception of “unconscious bias” is affecting men and women’s behavior
  • Women statistically initiate negotiations less often than their male counterparts and ask for about 30% less
  • When men see that they meet 50% of the job requirements they will apply vs. women needing to see 100% to think about it
  • 75% of people who ask will likely get a raise
  • One million dollars is what many job seekers leave on the table in a lifetime because he or  she never asked for a better salary and compensation package
  • Negotiate paid time off, education, and flexible work—not just salary. Consider time to relax and consider your  career trajectory. Consider your lifestyle desires

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